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Domestic Landscapes:

Domestic Landscapes is a physical and online interactive installation that uncovers and shares the hidden stories of domesticity and isolation of a diverse group of Disabled Women.

The installation uses accessible sound and audio description language including British Sign Languages (BSL) with creative support from Sign Dance Collective International SDC, through creative and collaborative working, treating them playfully and creatively to tell the stories in a way that gives focus to these accessible formats, rather than using them to simply support the visual elements.

HourglassZoe Partington
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"The work Domestic Landscapes, expands metaphors in layers to unravel complicated issues of non-normalcy and the persistent exposure of Zoe's experience of being analysed as if she has something lacking, in her experience and this is reinforced in the Teapot piece by Mandy Redvers Rowe, 'I feel no loss anymore, just a sense of gain..."


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