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Explore the Domestic Landscapes Virtual Exhibition:

Viewing Instructions:

Click on the ENTER EXHIBITION button to be taken through to the Domestic Landscapes Virtual Exhibition.


The Virtual Gallery space will load after a few moments - and some initial Instructions will be displayed. You will be given the opportunity to Explore the space automatically with a Guided Tour - or use your Cursor to move around the Virtual Gallery space manually. You can click on the Arrow buttons to gradually move around the space from left to right.


By clicking on each individual Artwork, you will be able to Discover more information, such as descriptive text and BSL video files. You will be able to click the buttons to explore the NEXT Artwork.

Next to each of the Artworks, you may also see a 'Play' icon. Clicking on this, will run the accompanying Audio files which have been produced to run alongside the Visual Artworks.


The Domestic Landscapes Virtual Exhibition is a work-in-progress - further BSL Media files and Audio files, are being added as the Project progresses.


Zoe has selected a Gallery Space which resembles a physical room in an Art Gallery - and a Space which she hopes is easy and effective to explore.

Please do enjoy exploring the Virtual Exhibition space for Domestic Landscapes - listening to the audio, watching the BSL Media and browsing the Artworks themselves.

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